Where to buy Lorcaserin weight loss pills?

The USA was the first country Lorcaserin pills were available for sale. To the U.S. pharmaceutical market, Lorcaserin is supplied in plastic bottles of 60 diet pills each. One pack with Lorcaserin diet pills is enough for one-month medical therapy of obesity.

The minimum recommended duration of Lorcaserin pills use is three months. If body weight reduced by less than 5% in regular intake of Lorcaserin within 3 months, you should stop taking this anti-obesity drug.

In the USA, Lorcaserin diet pills became available for sale since May 2013.

In the middle of 2014, the USA remains the only country, where Lorcaserin pills are still available.

The application for the Lorcaserin trade license has already been sent to:

  • Health Canada
  • Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency
  • Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk (Mexico)Thus, it is possible that in 2014, Canada, Brazil and Mexico will join the list of countries where Lorcaserin pills will be available.
Lorcaserin 10mg

In the USA, Lorcaserin pills are sold at ordinary pharmacies and online pharmacies. No matter what type of pharmacy network you choose, you can buy Lorcaserin in the USA by prescription only.
Lorcaserin diet pills can cause potentially dangerous side effects, therefore you need to consult a physician and undergo medical examination, before beginning to use them.

If you are using Lorcaserin 10mg pills, but they are quite expensive in your town, you can buy cheap Lorcaserin diet pills online anytime you want.

Prior to buy Lorcaserin online, make sure this anorexigenic drug can be delivered to your region.