Lorcaserin cost

Lorcaserin is an innovative anti-obesity drug came into the market just a few years ago. Tens of millions of US dollars were spent on the development and research of Lorcaserin. Therefore, in the medium term Lorcaserin price will be aimed at gaining the maximum profit.

Despite the high Lorcaserin price, its sales are constantly growing. Lorcaserin growing popularity is caused by the fact that hundreds of thousands of obese people cannot reduce their weight by means of other anti-obesity drugs.

When psychostimulants (Phentermine, Benzphetamine, Diethylpropion, and Sibutramine) are regularly used as an obesity treatment, however tolerability may develop to their anorexigenic effect.

Therefore, even the maximum doses of powerful anorexigenic drugs very often do not provide a significant weight loss.

Many obese people choose Lorcaserin only because the costs for its purchase are covered by the health insurance. Several U.S. health insurance companies are involved in the commercialization of Lorcaserin pills. Herewith, the number of agents involving in Lorcaserin promotion at the US market (in 2Q 2014) is already 600 people.

It should be noted that not only expenses on Lorcaserin invention, but also the expenses for its advertising affect its price. In 2Q 2014, Lorcaserin drug was advertised on the US TV, thus millions of potential buyers residing in the USA have already known about it.


Important reason for high retail price for Lorcaserin pills is the lack of competitive pressure from the manufacturers of Lorcaserin generic drugs. The fact is that the only manufacturer of Lorcaserin 10mg pills in 2014 is Arena Pharmaceuticals.

Up to 2027-2028, biopharmaceutical company – Arena will be the owner of an exclusive patent for Lorcaserin production in the USA. Therefore, Lorcaserin generic drugs will not be sold in the USA during the following 13-14 years.

It is not excluded that Indian pharmaceutical companies will start the production and sale of Lorcaserin generic already in 2014-2015. However, it will be almost impossible to buy legally Lorcaserin generic drugs in the USA. Therefore, potential consumers of anti-obesity drugs in the USA will attempt to buy cheap Lorcaserin generic drugs online.

  1. If you want to buy Lorcaserin, ask your doctor to prescribe you this innovative anti-obesity drug.
  2. If you decide to order Lorcaserin online, make sure that this drug can be delivered to your country.