New Lorcaserin by Arena

Given troubled history of some weight loss pills, developers and producers of new anti-obesity drugs face a great obstacle by the medical regulatory authorities. After recall of Fen-Phen and Meridia, the FDA reluctantly approves new appetite suppressants.

Arena company, the manufacturer of anorexigenic drug Lorcaserin, has met all the FDA requirements and provided convincing evidences on efficacy and safety issues.

As a result, the FDA advisory committee voted that the potential benefits of Lorcaserin slimming pills exceed the risks.

Intake of two Lorcaserin 10mg diet pills per day stimulates receptors in the brain and makes people feel full. Given the results of clinical trials, the FDA approved the intake of reasonable dosages of Lorcaserin for treatment of people who are really obese.

Lorcaserin received the approval of US regulators in 2012. The next obstacles for Arena were promotion and sale of diet pills Lorcaserin. It is difficult to overestimate the interest of the Americans in weight loss products, so brisk trade of Lorcaserin pills was predicted.

Arena Pharmaceuticals and its marketing partner Eisai began to supply Lorcaserin to the US market under the brand name Belviq. Given that tens of millions of the Americans are overweight or obese, Lorcaserin drug has quickly become popular.

There were some problems with marketing of Lorcaserin. Firstly, Lorcaserin is not magic diet pills. During use of this drug, it is necessary to comply with all known, but dull changes in lifestyle (diet and physical activity).

At this time, the leaders in the sales of anti-obesity drugs in the USA are Phentermine and Orlistat. Sales of Lorcaserin by Arena increase, but high competition on the market of weight loss products should be taken into account.

New Lorcaserin by Arena

Another important issue is a price of Lorcaserin 10mg weight loss pills. Belviq is the new and the only Lorcaserin-containing drug available at the US pharmacies, so the manufacturer sets the price that he considers fair and reasonable.

According to 2016, price of Lorcaserin by Arena significantly exceeds that of Phentermine. This is because Phentermine was developed more than 50 years ago and suppliers of this appetite suppressant are more than 10 pharmaceutical companies.

Appearance of Belviq generic drugs should affect price of Lorcaserin-containing drugs. If you want to buy a new Lorcaserin by Arena now, high price on diet pills should not be an obstacle to obesity treatment.

Lorcaserin does not only reduce weight, but also decreases risks of such diseases as diabetes and hypertension. Billions of dollars are spent on treatment of these diseases every year. In addition, it should be noted that Lorcaserin allows to control food consumption, this means that costs of food are reduced.