Lorcaserin use with alcohol

Lorcaserin and alcohol interaction has not been studied. However, because of the fact that alcohol affects the central nervous system the same way as Lorcaserin, the use of Lorcaserin before, with or after alcohol intake can cause some psychiatric side effects, like:

Cognitive impairment and nervous system disorders.
Even the smallest amount of alcohol with minimal dose of Lorcaserin can cause a severe headache, dizziness and insomnia.
With regular use of alcohol and Lorcaserin pills, the risk of depression and anxiety increases.
Large doses of Lorcaserin and alcohol may cause severe psychiatric disorders that require patient hospitalization.

Apart from the fact that alcohol increases the risk of Lorcaserin side effects, it can slow down or speed up the excretion of this drug from the body.

Because of negative impact of alcohol along with pharmacodynamic and pharmacological properties of Lorcaserin, a patient should refuse from alcohol drinks during anti-obesity drug therapy.

Alcoholism is not a contraindication for use of Lorcaserin pills. However, because alcohol stimulates side effects of Lorcaserin, people abusing alcohol, should take Lorcaserin pills only under the doctor’s supervision.