Lorcaserin in the USA

Last updated on September 8th, 2014

Lorcaserin HCl 10 mg (Belviq) in the USA

There is a large variety of weight loss drugs in the USA, many of them are sold by prescription only.

In 2012, the list of weight loss products available at the U.S. market replenished with two RX drugs including Lorcaserin.

Lorcaserin drug is sold in the USA under the trade name Belviq.

Obese Americans have the possibility to buy a package containing 60 Lorcaserin 10mg oral tablets. At the U.S. market, Lorcaserin tablets come in plastic bottles.

Despite the fact that the central office of the developer and manufacturer of Lorcaserin drug is located in the USA (San Diego, CA), Lorcaserin tablets are manufactured in Switzerland.

Noteworthy that Lorcaserin drug was developed by the American biopharmaceutical company – Arena, but Japanese pharmaceutical company – Eisai is engaged in its commercialization at the US market.

The USA is the first North American country wherein Lorcaserin tablets have begun to be sold.

Application for Canadian and Mexican trade license for Lorcaserin was submitted in 2013. Thus, it is not excluded that in 2014 or 2015, it will be announced about the start of Lorcaserin sales in Mexico and Canada.

To buy Lorcaserin in the USA, you need a prescription. Lorcaserin can cause potentially dangerous side effects; therefore, you should undergo medical examination before to get a prescription for Lorcaserin tablets.

If you decide to use Lorcaserin drug for the obesity treatment but have never taken it, make sure that you have no contraindications to Lorcaserin before to discuss with your doctor the possibility of using it.