Side effects of Lorcaserin

Most patients, using Lorcaserin weight loss pills, do not have side effects. However, every patient who cures his obesity by means of Lorcaserin must be aware of side effects that may appear while using these diet pills.

Having noticed any of side effects, listed below, patients should stop using Lorcaserin and consult a doctor:

  • Emotional instability or uncertainty;
  • extreme sadness and oppression;
  • hallucinations;
  • violation of thinking process;
  • uncontrolled movement of the limbs;
  • changes in the heart rate;
  • high blood pressure;
  • excessive sweating;
  • frequent defecation;
  • nausea or vomiting.

Most of these side effects occur very rarely after the use of Lorcaserin weight loss pills.

Clinical trials have revealed that the most common side effects of Lorcaserin are:

Dryness in the mouth

Most overweight patients suffer from cardiovascular disorders. It is recommended to change Lorcaserin dosage if a patient has one of the symptoms indicating heart valve disease: limb edema, fast breathing, persistent weakness and irregular heartbeat.

To reduce the risk of side effects and overdosage, patients should take 1 Lorcaserin weight loss pill 2 times a day.

An increase of the recommended daily dosage may cause mental problems – increased sense of well-being (euphoria), hallucinations and increased alertness.

Weight loss may reduce the blood sugar (hypoglycemia). Patients with diabetes type 2 should use Lorcaserin, checking the blood sugar levels regularly.

If severe side effects occur, a patient should stop using Lorcaserin diet pills. To reduce the risk of side effects, doctors recommend to reduce Lorcaserin dose.

Maximum dosage of Lorcaserin is 20mg per day (2 diet pills). Usually, the dose changing (down to 10mg) does not affect anti-obesity therapy, yet reduces the risk of side effects significantly.

Lorcaserin is a weight loss pills that you can buy by a prescription only. In order to decrease the risk of side effects, consult a pharmacist first, and after that – buy Lorcaserin.