Lorcaserin and EMA

Unlike to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Lorcaserin as an obesity treatment, European Medicines Agency (EMA) believes that Lorcaserin advantages do not exceed it potential risks.

Analyzing the results of clinical trials, EMA paid attention to the fact that long-term use of Lorcaserin increases the risk of developing mental disorders, cardiovascular pathologies and tumors.

Before EMA has given a final evaluation of the effectiveness and safety of Lorcaserin, Arena Pharmaceuticals company voluntarily withdrew the application for a trade license for Lorcaserin diet pills.

The reason for the withdrawal of application was the need to collect and to analyze additional data on the potential risks and benefits of Lorcaserin.
An application for the European license for Lorcaserin 10mg pills was withdrawn in May 2013.

Just a month after the withdrawal of the application from EMA, Arena Pharmaceuticals announced about the start of Lorcaserin sales in the USA.

In mid-2014, data of the next phase of Lorcaserin clinical trials was published.

It is not excluded that after studying the results of these clinical studies, EMA will grant a trade license for Lorcaserin and this drug can be bought not only in the USA, but also in the EU member countries.