Manufacturer of medicine Lorcaserin

Lorcaserin drug was developed by pharmaceutical company – Arena Pharmaceuticals.

The central office of Arena company is located in the USA, but its subsidiary is based in Switzerland.

Lorcaserin diet pills are produced in Switzerland and are imported in the USA. Arena Pharmaceuticals manufactures only Lorcaserin pills. License for Lorcaserin sale in the USA was granted to Eisai company (the key partner of Arena).

Arena Pharmaceuticals transferred Eisai company the rights to commercialize Lorcaserin pills not only in Canada, Brazil, Mexico and many other countries.

In addition, Arena Pharmaceuticals signed an agreement with CY Biotech about the commercialization of Lorcaserin in Taiwan, and with Ildong company about the commercialization of Lorcaserin in South Korea.

At the international pharmaceutical market, Lorcaserin diet pills are available only under the brand name Belviq. The right holder of Belviq brand is Arena Pharmaceuticals.

If you want to buy Lorcaserin (Belviq) diet pills by Arena Pharmaceuticals, you can find them on online pharmacies.

Before buying Lorcaserin online, make sure that the benefit from the use of this drug exceeds the potential risks to your health.