Important information about Lorcaserin

Efficacy and safety of Lorcaserin are confirmed by dozens of clinical studies wherein both diabetic and non-diabetic patients with overweight and obesity participated.

During clinical studies, potential risks about which each patient taking Lorcaserin should be cautioned, were revealed.

Before prescribing drug therapy of obesity, the physician should warn the patient that Lorcaserin might cause:

  • valvular heart disease (symptoms: shortness of breath, edemas)
  • mental illness (depression, suicidal mood)
  • serotonin or neuroleptic malignant syndrome (symptoms: excitement, nausea, sweating, tachycardia)

In addition, the patient should be warned about the fact that Lorcaserin may cause dizziness, disorientation, confusion.

So, before to start operating a car or industrial equipment, make sure that Lorcaserin does not slow down the reaction.

Lorcaserin 10mg

Before obtaining a prescription for Lorcaserin tablets, inform your doctor about all drugs you are taking including OTC drugs. Combined use of Lorcaserin with RX or OTC drugs may cause serotonin syndrome.

Therefore, Lorcaserin can be taken in the combination with other serotonergic drugs only after consulting the treating physician.

If you are already taking Lorcaserin tablets and you experience severe side effects, tell your doctor. If you want to buy Lorcaserin but have never taken these slimming tablets, you can get a reliable information about this drug by email.