Lorcaserin use during pregnancy

Pregnant women have not been tested in clinical trials of Lorcaserin. Therefore, this weight loss drug must not be prescribed for obesity treatment during pregnancy.

Using Lorcaserin pills during pregnancy may pose a potential threat for normal fetal development.

Hence, when a pregnant woman needs to lose weight, she should use drug-free methods to fight against obesity instead of Lorcaserin or any other weight loss drug.

Prescription and over-the-counter diet pills are prescribed to pregnant women in single cases. If obesity is dangerous for mother’s life, she must be informed about all potential risks Lorcaserin may cause, before she starts using this weight loss drug.

As well as any other drug, Lorcaserin can penetrate into breast milk.

Therefore, nursing mothers should refrain from the use of Lorcaserin. If a breastfeeding mother needs to lose weight quickly, but drug-free methods do not provide a sufficient weight loss, she should wean the baby from breast to bottle-feeding before using Lorcaserin.

Prior to start taking Lorcaserin 10mg pills, a woman must make sure she is not pregnant.
During the whole period of using Lorcaserin 10mg pills, women of a childbearing age should use some reliable contraception.
If a woman got pregnant while using Lorcaserin 10mg pills, she should undergo a comprehensive medical examination.

If you decide to become slim using Lorcaserin 10mg pills, only you have never taken them before, you can ask any questions about Lorcaserin drug by email or over phone. Before purchasing Lorcaserin online, you can get an objective information about this weight loss drug any time you need.