Lorcaserin in the Europe

The application for Lorcaserin trade license in the EU was withdrawn in May 2013.

New application for Lorcaserin trade license has not been received yet. Therefore, Lorcaserin diet pills are not sold yet in the EU member countries. If EMA approves Lorcaserin as an obesity treatment, this drug will be the only prescription appetite suppressant available in all EU countries.

For several decades, different drugs with anorexigenic activity* have been sold in the EU.

However, because of potential health risks, EMA recommended the national health systems to stop using anorectic drugs as an obesity treatment and to withdraw them from the market.

The mechanism of Lorcaserin action differs from the mechanism of action of other anorectic drugs.

Thus, it is not excluded that EMA will approve Lorcaserin and this slimming drug will be sold in the EU countries.

  1. Today, powerful anorexigenic drugs are not sold in the EU and obese Europeans are forced to use over-the-counter diet pills with a weak anorexigenic activity to fight obesity.
  2. One of the few countries wherein Lorcaserin diet pills are sold in 2014 is the USA.

Some U.S. pharmacies provide the opportunity to buy Lorcaserin online.

  • Before buying Lorcaserin online, make sure that it can be delivered to your city.

*nonproprietary names of anorexigenic drugs that have ever been sold in Europe:

Amfepramone, Clobenzorex, Dexfenfluramine, Fenfluramine, Fenproporex, Mazindol, Mefenorex, Phentermine, Rimonabant, Sibutramine.