Lorcaserin generic drugs

Tens of millions of US dollars were invested in the development, preclinical and clinical studies of Lorcaserin before it has come into the market. To protect these investments, Lorcaserin company-developer was granted a patent guaranteeing an exclusive right for the production and sale of this drug in the developed countries.

The patent owner for the production of Lorcaserin diet pills is a company called Arena Pharmaceuticals. The term of this patent is 15 years.

  • Given the fact that Lorcaserin was approved as an obesity treatment in 2012, but went on sale in 2013, the patent term expires in 2027-2028.

In the long-term, the only legal manufacturer of Lorcaserin drug will be a biopharmaceutical company – Arena.

The first Lorcaserin generic drugs can go on sale before 2027 only if Arena Pharmaceuticals will sell (will transfer) the rights for Lorcaserin production to other pharmaceutical companies and laboratories.

It is not a secret that generic drugs come into the market just a few years after the start of selling the original drug. Therefore, with a high probability, the first Lorcaserin generic drugs will be manufactured before the patent expiration, and will be sold in third world countries.

Some media resources publish the information that Lorcaserin generic drugs are already sold in Egypt under the trade names PerfectSlim, LorcaSlim, Tughtviq, Lorcaviq.

  1. This information is really published on the site of Egyptian Drug Authority (regulatory body of the Egyptian Ministry of Health).
  2. However, confirmation of this information from other sources is not yet available.
  3. The price of Lorcaserin generic drugs will be lower than the price of original Lorcaserin drug manufactured by Arena Pharmaceuticals.
  4. Thus, the purchase of Lorcaserin generic will allow reducing the expenses for the long-term therapy of obesity.

If you decide to buy cheap Lorcaserin generic online but have never bought prescription diet pills on online pharmacies, make sure that Lorcaserin generic can be delivered to your country before placing the order.