Contraindications for Lorcaserin

Lorcaserin is advanced weight loss pills that greatly reduce the consumption of food, preventing the formation of new adipose cells. Lorcaserin provides a strong effect right in the brain and thereby reduce the appetite.

Lorcaserin has contraindications for use, just as any other weight loss pills.


  • Lorcaserin weight loss pills are contraindicated during pregnancy.

It is explained by the fact that Lorcaserin can negatively affect the physical and mental fetal development. Nursing mothers should also refuse from using Lorcaserin.

It is forbidden to lose weight during pregnancy in the first place. Besides that, weight loss in pregnancy reduces the amount of nutrients in the body and thus may affect the fetal development rate.

Teenagers under 18 years

  • Patients under the age 18 have not been involved in clinical research of Lorcaserin weight loss pills.

Due to potential risks, Lorcaserin is not prescribed to pediatric patients these days.

Patients over 65 years old should use Lorcaserin weight loss pills with caution. Clinical trials have revealed that there is a risk of hypersensitivity to Lorcaserin in elderly patients.

Renal failure

  • Lorcaserin is contraindicated to patients with severe renal failure.

In mild renal dysfunction, there is no need to change the dose of Lorcaserin. In moderate renal failure, it is recommended to take Lorcaserin slimming pills with caution.

The fact is that elderly patients suffer from renal insufficiency quite often. Having such pathology, a patient needs Lorcaserin dose adjustment. Patients over 65 years old with normal kidney function do not require to change the dose.

Hepatic failure

  • Clinical studies did not assess the influence of Lorcaserin slimming pills on patients with severe hepatic failure.

Patients of this category should take Lorcaserin and undergo medical tests from time to time.

Half-life of Lorcaserin in patients with mild renal failure is 60% longer (20 hours). Such half-life does not require changing the dose of Lorcaserin.

Because of its efficiency, an increasing number of people want to buy Lorcaserin. Using Lorcaserin weight loss pills, you can lose weight and few centimeters on your waist, as well as stabilize the levels of glucose, glycosylated hemoglobin and insulin.