Jonah hill told how he managed to lose weight

Jonah Hill

Despite the extra weight, Jonah Hill became a very popular actor. He is known for such movies as:

  • “Superbad” (2007)
  • “21Jump Street” (2012)
  • “DjangoUnchained” (2012)
  • “TheWolf of Wall Street”(2013)

For the role that he played in the last movie from the above list, Hill was nominated for “Oscar”. The actor’s weight often changed. Jonah lost weight for some time, then again gained it.

These days, fans hardly recognize Jonah. He managed to seriously change through weight loss and is now hard to recognize. It seems that there is nothing left from the appearance that we are used to associate with this wonderful actor.

Indeed, a slim and smart guy does not look like a full-cheeked Hill anymore. While the fans are puzzled how the actor managed to lose weight so quickly, Jonah told us his secret.

“Basically, I managed to achieve these results through a weight loss diet,” says Hill. “Of course, it would be great to simply take a magic pill. But in fact, I consulted with a nutritionist, and he told me what I should give up to lose weight.”

Jonah Hill weight loss

The diet was strict. Jonah was not allowed to have any:

  • fast-food,
  • sweets,
  • high calorie products,
  • unhealthy food.

In addition to the diet, Jonah started working out with a personal trainer. The actor addressed for an advice to his partner in the movie “21 Jump Street”, Channing Tatum. Obviously, Channing’s advice and Jonah’s hard work did pay off over and above.