Indications for use

Last updated on September 9th, 2014

Lorcaserin Indications for use

Lorcaserin weight loss tablets are designed to reduce the body mass in people, suffering from overweight or obesity. Lorcaserin slimming tablets are prescribed as a part of anti-obesity plan along with a low-calorie diet and increased physical activity.

Usually Lorcaserin slimming tablets are prescribed to patients, who are diagnosed obesity (BMI over 30). It is believed that the lower the BMI and the earlier obesity is diagnosed, the less time a patient needs to return into normal body weight.

Sometimes Lorcaserin tablets are prescribed in BMI 27 to 30. This happens when hypertension, diabetes type 2 or high level of lipids pose a threat for health.

Lorcaserin weight loss tablets can fight any type of obesity effectively. Lorcaserin is equally effective in the reduction of excessive body mass, caused by abdominal and subcutaneous obesity.

Lorcaserin slimming tablets are prescribed to patients over 18 years old. Lorcaserin has been distributed to the pharmacological market within just several years; therefore, the impact of these slimming tablets on teenagers under the age 18 is unknown.

Lorcaserin diet tablets can be used for obesity treatment during long period. To use Lorcaserin effectively and safely, patients need to undergo a medical examination in 12 weeks after using these diet pills.

If patient’s weight loss is no more than 5% of the initial weight within 3 months of using Lorcaserin slimming tablets, then he should either change the dosage or stop taking them.

You need a prescription to buy and use Lorcaserin slimming tablets. If you want to lose weight, yet you have never been taking Lorcaserin, you can consult a pharmacist.