Caffeine Underwear Does Not Help To Lose Weight! Buyers Get Their Money Back For The Slimming Pants

A real failure turned out of the attempt of several companies to bring to the US market sensational slimming underwear. 

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) clearly stated:

caffeine-soaked pants, shirts and panties will not help you either lose weight or defeat cellulite, and ordered the vendors to return money to the customers, who expected to lose extra kilos by wearing these magic outfits.

Special lines of forming underwear appeared this summer in American catalogs that offer goods by mail, as well as in online stores. 

Advertising stated that bras, panties, corsets, belts and slimming pants are made of a special fabric Lytess, the strands of which are embedded with microcapsules of caffeine, vitamin E, retinol and other substances wonderful in all respects.


Leggings with caffeine and vitamins may help their owner look nice, and, perhaps, will make her skin smoother, but they will certainly fail to help her get rid of extra pounds.

Trading companies have promised that, while you wear these leggings, they will equally release useful extracts that will destroy fat cells and help lose weight and get rid of cellulite without any efforts. According to the promises, the happy owner of leggings or pants could count on the fact that just in a few weeks of wearing caffeine underwear, the part of the body which it is on, reduces in volume by 2.5 cm.

  • One of the vendors even came up for his “revolutionary” product a trending name iPant, hoping to attract the most progressive audience, instantly responsive to the mysterious letter “I” in the title.

Sellers of pants and panties for weight loss showed a good knowledge of consumer psychology. People are willing to buy something that promises the desired result without much fuss. Caffeine laundry was fluttering from “TV shops” like fresh doughnuts. In a few months, they managed to sell the goods for $ 1.5 million (the average cost of leggings is $ 50).


However, they will have to return the profit. Having purchased the slimming underwear and honestly wearing it for a month, US consumers did not see the promised effect and started filing complaints of unfair advertising to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which inspects the integrity of commercial companies.

Experts made a test purchase, called in the aid of scientists, conducted a comprehensive study and reached a verdict:

sellers of new magic slimming underwear have overdone praising its properties. 

The amount of caffeine in the slimming underwear was no more than in a cup of decaffeinated coffee.

Neither the very form of its presence in the fabric, nor the mechanism of microcapsules use were able to fulfill promises to destroy the fat cells, combat cellulite and reduce the volumes.

  • Beautiful lingerie is nice to wear, and the support effects of the fabric help adjust the silhouette and smooth the skin, but do not help your excess weight melt away.

“If someone says that he can sell you clothes, which will help you lose weight, stay away from him – said to Reuters Jessica Rich, the Director of Consumer Protection Bureau of the Federal Trade Commission of the United States. – You can lose weight only by adequate nutrition and exercise. Nothing has changed in this regard”.

FTC issued a statement, in which the advertising of the caffeine, anti-cellulite-weight-loss underwear was recognized as misleading. The vendor was ordered to withdraw the product, stop the campaign for its promotion and return money to the people who bought it.

The US Federal Trade Commission also clarified that the competent and reliable scientific evidence of the effect of the advertised goods are key to the integrity and prosperity of those, who offer it for sale.

  • According to recent reports, the sellers of the caffeine underwear agreed to return money to the defrauded American women, and closed up their business in the United States. We are not aware of their plans.

Either way, even if they come to your region. You already know what this caffeine slimming underwear is all about.