Belviq in the USA

The FDA conducted a thorough evaluation of Belviq effectiveness and approved marketing of this anorexigenic drug in 2012. Occurrence of Belviq has expanded range of medical options for one-third of adult Americans who suffer from obesity.

Appetite suppressant Belviq was developed by Arena Pharmaceuticals. Eisai company is the exclusive supplier of the drug to the United States. Belviq is the only Lorcaserin-containing drug that one can buy in the USA.

Belviq is supplied in the form of round, blue, biconvex pills for oral administration.

Each Belviq tablet contains 10 mg of active substance Lorcaserin Hydrochloride (HCL). These tablets also contain inactive components that provide the necessary solubility and absorbability.

Active substance Lorcaserin provides anorexigenic effect of Belviq. This substance is classified as serotonin 2C receptor agonist. Belviq drug stimulates some of the 13 billion nerve cells of the brain, inhibits transmission of electrical impulses between neurons and restrains craving for food.

The US FDA approved anorexigenic tablets Belviq 10 mg for treatment of people who are overweight along with concomitant diseases or are obese.

  • Intake of two Belviq tablets per day gets rid of obsessive thoughts about food and helps control the amount of food.
  • Belviq in combination with a diet and physical activity helps to lose extra pounds without hunger pains.

The FDA approval sets up a potential marketing battle between previously developed anti-obesity drugs and Belviq. In the USA, one can buy Phentermine, which is well known both to ordinary users and to weight loss specialists for more than 50 years.

Americans can buy Phentermine diet pills by more than 10 pharmaceutical companies. This drug is supplied in the form of conventional pills and in the form of sustained-release pills.

Arena’s specialists studied consumers’ reviews, needs of anti-obesity market and took a decision to increase the range of weight loss products.


Large-scale clinical trials to evaluate efficiency and safety of Belviq sustained-release pills are conducted.

More than half of the Americans are desperately trying to lose weight, so sales of Belviq tablets are constantly increasing. Every day, American doctors with experience in obesity fill in thousands of prescriptions for Belviq. According to some expert estimates, in 2015 more than 500,000 prescriptions for Belviq were written in the USA.