Anti-cellulite vacuum massage

The anti-cellulite vacuum massage, alas, is accompanied by rather painful sensations. Bruises often appear on the skin after sessions, and the treated area feels aching and sore for some time. The discomfort is compensated by the striking effect of the procedure. The vacuum anti-cellulite massage can restore the elasticity and attractiveness of your skin, even if you were diagnosed with the second and even third degree of cellulite.

Anti-cellulite vacuum massage is considered an effective remedy for cellulite. However, it is worth knowing that this procedure does have certain contraindications.

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Anti-cellulite vacuum massage: what is the essence?

Today, the anti-cellulite vacuum massage is one of the most sought-after salon treatments. In the first place – because of its efficiency. This technique can help you get rid of even advanced forms of cellulitis.

There are two main types of the anti-cellulite vacuum massage:

  1. Static
  2. Dynamic

The second type usually implies the use of such special apparatus, as LPG and Starvac. When you are going through the dynamic anti-cellulite massage treatment, the specialist moves a special nozzle over your skin. This nozzle creates a powerful vacuum pressure.

Static type of the anti-cellulite massage is performed with cups or plates, that are placed on certain areas of your body.

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Both types of the anti-cellulite vacuum massage are successful in:

  • destroying subcutaneous fat,
  • stimulating blood circulation,
  • increasing lymph flow,
  • normalizing the work of the sweat glands,
  • relieving the edema.

In addition, the anti-cellulite vacuum massage is an extremely effective technique of deep muscle relaxation, which is often recommended for professional athletes to fully recover their muscular frame.

Typically, a full course of vacuum massage is 12-15 procedures, each of which takes 20 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Vacuum massage: Contraindications

Alas, vacuum massage is not suitable for everyone who wishes to use . It has serious contraindications, which include:

inflammatory processes in the lymphatic system,
presence of malignancy,
any endocrine system disorders,
serious heart and vascular diseases,
acute infections,
chronic thrombophlebitis.

Besides, an additional contraindication for the anti-cellulite vacuum massage is the low pain threshold. Alas, you can not call this procedure a comfortable and pleasant one. It does provide rather a painful experience.

If you find it hard to tolerate them, you’d better find another alternative anti-cellulitis method, which is not less effective in the fight against the cellulite. Especially that the modern beauty services market offers a large variety of anti-cellulite programs.