Information about Lorcaserin weight loss diet pills



Lorcaserin diet pills are to be taken before, during or after food intake. Lorcaserin drug can cause insomnia, so it is not recommended for use in the evening.

  • Maximal dose of Lorcaserin 20mg should be divided into 2 intakes (one Lorcaserin 10mg pill in the morning, the other one – in the afternoon).

  • A single intake of 4 or more Lorcaserin pills may cause severe side effects, such as euphoria, hallucinations and mood swings. 

  • Minimal daily dose of Lorcaserin is 10mg.

  • Maximal daily dose of Lorcaserin is 20mg.



Lorcaserin is an innovative weight loss drug, which has been developed and studied for over ten years. In 2012, Lorcaserin was approved by the FDA as a medicine for treatment of obesity. In 2013, the drug became available under the trade name Belviq in the USA.

  1. Lorcaserin prescribed

    In the first quarter of 2014, doctors prescribed Lorcaserin about 80,000 times. Therefore, we can say for sure that Lorcaserin has already helped thousands of obese people to lose weight.

    • Lorcaserin efficiency manifested in the results of clinical studies, while safety of this weight loss drug was approved by the FDA.


  2. Lorcaserin drug on market

    The USA is one of the few countries, where Lorcaserin drug is available on market.

    In the next few years, it is expected that Lorcaserin will hit the market of Mexico, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, Switzerland and many other countries of the world.

    If you want to buy Lorcaserin, but in your country, this weight loss drug is not available yet, just order Lorcaserin online anytime you want.

    Before purchasing Lorcaserin online, please read the key information about this drug and make sure Lorcaserin is not contraindicated for you.

  3. Contraindications

    Lorcaserin 10mg diet pills are contraindicated for pregnant women, nursing mothers and teenagers under 18 years old (inclusive), patients with hypersensitivity to serotonergic or antidopaminergic agents, patients suffering from alcohol or drug abuse.

    If a patient was diagnosed mental or cardiovascular disease, Lorcaserin diet pills should be used under a supervision of a doctor. Elderly patients over 65 years old have not participated in Lorcaserin clinical trials.

  4. Efficiency

    According the results of extended clinical trials, most patients using Lorcaserin 10mg pills twice a day within three months, managed to reduce their body weight by 5-10%.

    The results of the third phase of Lorcaserin trials must be announced in the mid of July 2014 on 74th Scientific Sessions of American Diabetes Association’s.

  5. Side effects

    After the use of Lorcaserin pills, people may notice some gastrointestinal side effects (constipation, nausea, dry mouth) and neurological side effects (headache, back pain, dizziness, fatigue and cough).

    These are the most common side effects that are typically mild.

    If side effects of Lorcaserin are severe and cause a serious discomfort, you should discuss with your doctor the possibility to replace Lorcaserin by some alternative RX or OTC diet pills.


  • Lorcaserin Distributors

    Distributors of Lorcaserin diet pills in Asia-Pacific region are two companies – CY Biotech and Ildong. If Arena does not sell the rights to produce Lorcaserin diet pills to other pharmaceutical companies and laboratories, then it will remain the only one legal manufacturer of Lorcaserin drug.

  • Generic drugs

    In 2014, Arena Pharmaceuticals is the only legal manufacturer of Lorcaserin drug. Lorcaserin has a patented molecular formula, and thus any pharmacological analogues (generic drugs) of Lorcaserin are not produced nor sold.

  • Marketing status

    Lorcaserin drug is included in Schedule IV of the Controlled Substances Act. In the USA, Lorcaserin 10mg pills are available by prescription only. It is nearly impossible to buy Lorcaserin online without prescription. If you want to buy Lorcaserin online, consult please a doctor and ask how to get Lorcaserin prescription.